My friend Anxiety

“Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity”.

TS Eliot

Anxiety is generally thought of as a negative force. Treating it in such a manner only makes it more destructive.
Fighting against anxiety does not get you anywhere. It needs to be accepted as a part of oneself and harnessed. You have to open your doors to it, and thank it for its presence. It has to become your friend and ally. Running away from it is like running away from yourself.
Consider the following points:

  1. Stop fighting anxiety. It is an evolutionary part of yourself. The more you resist yourself, the more power you loose.
  2. One cannot fight a negative with a negative. It only makes it more negative and stronger.
  3. Give anxiety acceptance and space inside to exist. Space makes things smaller.
  4. Treat anxiety as your friend. Thank it for its concern, but tell it that you can handle yourself.
  5. Change your mindset. Rather than considering anxiety a negative force, consider it a positive exciting form of energy. Harness this energy, because without it, things get dull.
  6. Only consider positive scenarios of future possibilities. If you program your brain with negative worries about future prospects, then this is exactly what your brain will deliver. Your brain can only go to the places you have wired it to go.
  7. Centre your focus. People cannot effectively focus on more than one thing at a time, and multitasking is a myth. Focus on the task at hand, and anxiety will soon subside into the background.
  8. Live in the moment, and let go of imaginary futures.

“Anxiety is the expression of being yourself”.

Aniki B


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