Positive Setbacks


“Setbacks are just learning experiences”.

Beth Brooke

Constant setbacks can delay progress. It’s very hard not to get demoralised by the process of improvement, especially when anxiety gets thrown in the mix.
The key is to approach the issue in a constructive way.

  1. Consider setbacks in a more positive manner                                                                   Do not get trapped in a negative vortex. As the quote indicates, consider setbacks a positive learning experience.
  2. Do not take the process of achievement personally
    Take a step backwards, and distance oneself. If difficultly arises, rather than thinking one is at fault, consider that the learning pathway takes many steps.
  3. Good habits take time to acquire
    It takes time for the brain to lay down new neural pathways for new learning. In fact, it can take as long as one month for a new habit to form. It thus pays to persist.
  4. Perceive difficulties as a problem to be solved
    Question what needs to be changed for improvement, and try again. Query as to where the specific difficulty arises, and take constructive steps to correct it. Thomas Edison found a way to develop a practical light bulb after thousands of failed attempts.
  5. Do not dwell on the past                                                                                                       Think of past mistakes as stepping stones toward a new direction. Live in the now.
  6. Step at a time
    Don’t become overwhelmed by the big picture. Break down goals into smaller steps, and begin by mastering the little things first.
  7. Persistence 
    In order to move forward, if one falls, there is no choice but to get back up again.
  8. Hope
    A positive mindset is a strong foundation for growth.

Asking the right questions is key to improvement. “Ask, and you shall receive…”



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