Beautiful Path


“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads”.

Anatole France

With my perpetual restlessness, I was reminded recently that it was probably a good idea to take a breather. As it happens, it is presently a long weekend, and Sydney siders are out and about enjoying themselves on this bright Spring beginning to October.

So to, I also set myself out for a break in routine. Whilst a tempestuous wind mobilised everything to dance in the air, it seemed easier to enjoy tasty Italian cuisine indoors within Eastbank Restaurant, at the edge of Sydney Harbour. This was in anticipation of catching the “My Fair Lady” musical, currently playing at the Sydney Opera House, directed by Julie Andrews.

The show is fantastic! It stars Alex Jennings, who also played the lead role in the delightful gem of a movie, “The Lady in the Van”. It was great to appreciate his talent live on stage, and it was interesting to observe his distinct personality and how tall he actually is in real life!

Settling into front row seats, I got the unique opportunity to see and hear the Australian Opera Orchestra close up, in addition to interacting with them. The musicians were extremely nice, including the conductor, and they sounded lovely!

As I sat back to enjoy the performance, I couldn’t help but admire these people who can touch others hearts so masterfully. It is truly a blessing to be able to create such beauty, and to connect with so many people. They seemed so in tune with themselves, each other and with their surroundings. They seemed content. They possessed a timelessness, which I could only perceive from the sidelines.

Inspired, I continue my beautiful path, not knowing where it leads…



    1. Hi Laura. It is nice to meet someone who is also fascinated with creativity. Love your thoughts on trying to find creativity in our everyday lives, and very much related to your writing. Look forward to reading more of your posts😀

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