I am looking at the sunrise, and it’s wonder and complexity amazes me. With each moment, a new shade of colour bursts forth from the sky, from the darkest of greys to the brightest of blues. Discerning this level of detail and capturing it, entails a high level of sensitivity, which is the domain of artists.

Every aspect of life equally exhibits such complexity. When playing the piano, it is not just sounding off black keys and white keys, but trying to bring out all the minute variations of each tone. Similarly, people are not make up of simple monochromatic tones, and embracing this enhances essence.

At some point we have to let go of old patterns of understanding, and be innovative. Consider all the colours surrounding you and inside of you, and don’t be afraid to convey them to the world. Being able to convey these unique colours, will connect you to your true self, and to others, and introduce to the world unique beauty.

When seeing in just black and white, we are missing out on the infinite colours the world has to offer. The beauty is in the fine details. A whole world resides in the grey, which one may never imagine existed.



    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I very much appreciate it. I love your inspirational blog, particularly your thoughts about art and life. Thank you for connecting with me, and I look forward to following more of your writing and inspirations 😃

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