Morning Dew

“Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightening”.

Samuel Butler

At the precipice of dawn, a muted silence hangs like the morning fog. The quiet stillness beckons comfort from daily vicissitudes. Flourishing flowers set to unravel, whilst the sun’s gaze begins to turn. As life take its form, birds start heralding the awakening, to the scattering lemon hues of the breaking sky.

Enticing dreams drift back and forth between gentle rousing, like soft breezes bending willowy stems to their measure. Percolating thoughts unfold themselves, permeating anticipation of rising possibilities. Bittersweet aromas of coffee, melding with sweet icing of almond butter balls and the solace of engaging reading.

The morning dew soon dissipates, unheralded amongst daily bustle. Refreshed petals, showing gratitude in their blossoming, remain sole reminders. Another precious moment, folded into memories that make up the brief stories of our lives. My comfort is in being able to share this present space and time, having seized this juncture in writing forever.

*Painting by Maya Green, called “Quiet Morning”.



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