Piano Keys

I love this!

Peace from Panic

My parents were over for dinner this past weekend. As they were leaving, my dad stopped near our baby grand.

“Do you know that soon I’ll be the same age as there are piano keys?” He paused. “Eighty eight.” He sounded proud. I smiled.

I was impressed he came up with that fact. We’ve had a piano since our girls were young, and I’ve never thought about counting the keys. I guess it’s something I should’ve just known.

“Wow, Dad. It’s hard to believe you’re going to be 88. Can’t wait to celebrate with you in a couple of weeks.”

That night I thought about the keys. Fifty two white and thirty six black. All there for a purpose. Each one is important. If one isn’t working or is out of tune, it changes the song. The keys work together, as a team, to create the perfect harmony. Like people.

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