Have you ever felt small? When you are out of your depth, but desperate to achieve? Restless and agitated, you don’t know where to begin. A mountain of tasks stretching ahead of you, endless in unravelling paths.

In the seeds of these new beginnings, lies the roots of undeniable excitement. There is the anticipation of new possibilities. Nothing can be as inspiring as inception. Whether it be a new activity, a blossoming romance, or travel to foreign lands. Even writing a simple blog can have the same effect, with the hope of new insights and connections.

That feeling of being lost in a new venture should never be diminished or undermined. Seeing things for the first time, like a child struggling with its first steps. Dreaming and imagining favourable scenarios is the essence of creativity. There is little in life without yearning and hope. Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust, noted that survivors lived with purpose. He based his psychotherapy upon this premise, and he wrote a fascinating book about his experiences called “Man’s Search for Meaning”, which is a worthwhile read.

Take time to just sit back and be present. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and look at the stars, whilst making a wish. What are your desires and your passions? What makes you happy? Ask what your future self would want from your present self? Imagine your final moments, and what regrets you may have.

Half the journey of success is actually visualising success. The more detail you can visualise and imagine, the better. See yourself in your favoured scenario. How are you feeling? What can you see around you? What does it taste and smell like? Immerse yourself in your senses. Put up pictures everywhere of what you desire, so that you cannot forget who you are and want to be. Be curious and follow your instincts. Listen to your inner voice.

It all starts with a dream…


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