Reams of blue cascade across the sky and sea, and serve as a backdrop for my gazing field. A tempestuous wind musters the waters into agitated waves, which shake me with unrelenting rigour. A rhythmic power undulates around me, and I feel my body pulsating with its beat. I rise and fall to the dynamics of its strength, and get pulled forward and back with its respirations. Journeying on its back, it beckons me to conduct my passage on its liquid medium. Weightlessly, I dance with its motions in perfect time, as gracefully and seamlessly as a prima ballerina, lifted by encompassing arms.


The naturalness of its flow transfixes me into a primordial state. Whistling howls suffuse my ears, and the salty dryness of my mouth thirsts for more. I feel it’s music unfold, as I become a part of its orchestrations. Being overtaken in this manner, I glean a sense of what it is like to be engulfed in creation. The restless stirrings ever changing, forming and reforming in different variations, each as beautiful as its theme. What a dream to have awareness so saturated as to emanate transcendence. How I ache for engulfment by music, such as I am now by the rumblings of the sea.


The stinging water releases its force through me, and affords me a thrilling sense of power and control. It’s fresh bite makes me feel so masterful, and I long for this sense with sound. Mastery over nature. For I would suggest that once we have our basic needs met, our ultimate purpose is to create in whatever means we choose. Children create worlds with toys, writers with writing, musicians with music. Photographers with images, parents with babies and teachers with children. We are all ultimately vibrating beings, which emanate waves connecting to our surroundings. Let’s make sure we make a splash!



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