Promises and Pillow Fights


When I was young, I recall a time when I was so upset with my parents, that I promised myself that I would never forget what it was like to be a child. Now, many years later, I reflect upon my failure to keep this basic promise to myself. I’m not sure what happened along the road to adulthood, but childhood was somehow replaced with living imagined tomorrows, and neglecting present todays.

Stepping back now, whilst on holidays, I watch the marvel of children at play. They seem oblivious to timetables and schedules. In the Western world, children don’t seem to care about what will happen tomorrow or what they did yesterday. They indubitably don’t care about homework! They just seem to revel in whatever they are occupied with, be it computer games or pillow fights. Definitely pillow fights!!! They exude such joy with the little things, such as someone listening to their story or reflecting their drawings. Personally, these little things seem to have become buried under mountains of burgeoning commitments. Joy has been sequestered by endless preoccupations. Living has been surrendered to endless memos and to do lists.

In reality, one cannot afford to not plan for the future. Lack of forethought in life would undoubtedly lead to an unfulfilled and unsuccessful existence. Contemplation is what ultimately distinguishes the human race. The key, however, is striking a balance, so that one facet of life does not overwhelm others. Making space, so that little precious moments are allowed to enrich our lives. Trying to remember that the present moment is the only gift we really have. Living a life, for which there may be many mistakes, but ultimately no regrets.

Presently on holidays, perceptions have been abandoned and control relinquished. Sense of time has been forsaken, and space has expanded. I guess this is the great thing about travel, whereby all surroundings are unfamiliar and foreign, and one is forced to examine everything anew. At any rate, as I wrap this up, I consider a promise I have to keep to myself, and a pillow fight to return to…


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