Wandering Soul


Miles away from familiar surroundings, I traverse across skies and glide across clouds to visit ancient cultures. Whilst exciting, I reflect upon the unreality of the experience, and the fact that in a few weeks I return to my everyday circumstances, with the memory of my travels progressively fading. All that will remain will be a handful of photos taken carelessly as an afterthought, so as to not waste fleeting cherished moments.

As I wiggle into various uncomfortable positions in my plane seat, I reflect that there are many special moments I want to draw out. Even in present discomfort, the opportunity to unwind is a rare treat. My mind meanders in many directions, as I crunch on some delicious Halva, and the bright unfiltered sunlight brightens my face. That voice, however, inevitably returns, reminding me that along with everything else, I will eventually have to address the overwhelming task of music preparation.

Apprehensively, I am concerned that such an absence from my piano will be detrimental to my progress. I am a wandering soul without a home. I try and reassure myself that a holiday will give me the opportunity to recoup. I reaffirm my dedication to creative progress, as I try to maintain some connection via my writing. I remind myself of the old adage “ A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. My first steps have been taken. Passion and commitment. Realistic expectations and goals, and dedicated teacher. Music selection and collation. Supportive environment. Blogging, reading and writing. Mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle. Reflection and organisation. Finally, the most elusive of all, time, time and more time…



  1. I can relate so much to the fear and stress that we impose on ourselves of taking a break and not progressing to the goals that we have set… sometimes our desires to progress (which is a good thing) become too overwhelming, and then its extremely important to take a breath and give ourselves a break.

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    1. Completely related to your post about restlessness. It’s exactly what I am experiencing presently, and it is a fog that is so hard to lift. What you wrote was like a breath of fresh air, and I totally agree that you have to relax and take a breath. I have to be reminded of this once in a while.
      Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I look forward to continuing to follow your inspirations😃

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      1. Thank you for appreciating my post! The knowledge that there are others who relate to my writing and my thoughts is so encouraging, motivating, and also comforting! I look forward to following your inspirations as well, especially since we seem to be dealing with similar situations 🙂

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