My journey begins on top of the world. Expansive space unravels myriad directions, beckoning unlimited pathways. Alternate realities welcome me into their sensualities. I breathe deeply, and start loosing myself to foreign lands and possibilities. Tension releases its grip, as I allow myself to engulf the space, and space to engulf me. I exist now, and reaffirm connection, becoming nothing and everything at the same time.

Distance and space is what I need. Far from the familiar. Far from my microcosmic world. Far from the limiting roles and selves I’ve created for myself. Far from the monsters that had overtaken me. A step back from the irreconcilable emptiness, to observe. To see and be. To chase curiosity.


I notice the little things. The cooling water engulfing me, the tropical a fragrances of the surrounding frangipani, the sounds of splashing and laughter. I feel invigorated and reborn.



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