I inhale deeply, as I try to take in the new foreign sights, smells and sounds. It is amazing how such a simple act of sighing can lead to such a profound sense of release. Having been so deconditioned from completing piano exams, I finally feel that I am slowly starting to regain other parts of myself. Even my breathing had become stunted. Neglected sensations initiate uncertain entrances. Now overseas, I retreat to comforts far away from my piano, and even further away from my trials.


The rush of the past few weeks has scarcely allowed me to pick my new pieces. What a chore to pack! Nevertheless, I reap the benefits now, the reward doubled by the completed grade.

With another sigh, I lie back to relax and close my eyes. As I do this, I become aware of my thoughts racing in all directions, like a ship without a mast. Even in safety, I still feel overwhelmed. I continue to breathe deeply, hoping to find some clarity in my endeavours.


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